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Euracen is the Chamber of Commerce between Europe and Central America and provides a platform for all kind of economic and social interactions between the two regions. It is a non-profit driven association and accredited member of the BLCCA, guided by an elected Administration Board composed of dedicated volunteers.

Members can participate in formal and informal meetings, networking events, exhibitions or official events in which the focus is on Central America region countries. Members can be companies or individuals who seek an interest in the Central American region. They come from different business sectors such as transport, agro-food cultivation, energy, industries, dredging or financial services for both the public and private sector. Euracen also welcomes individual sympathizers who show interest in what the Chamber does.

It is Euracen's task to facilitate the access to each territory, to advise the right man in the right place, to support new projects and to encourage new commercial and economic cooperation on both sides of the Ocean. In other words, if the Central American Region is of interest to you, whether you intend to buy or sell, to import or export, to invest or find out, to go on vacation or retire, the Euracen Chamber of Commerce is the right platform to start from.
History Benacen, which was founded in 1990, was renamed Belacen before it became Euracen in 2010 when it added the responsibility of the relations between the EU and the Central American countries to its Belgian portfolio. At a time when Brussels, as the Capital of Europe, started playing an increasingly more important role in a difficult global context, Euracen had to widen its view on Europe too. Therefore, in a rapidly changing world, Euracen wanted to expand its objectives and strengthen the professional relationships with the eight Central American countries.
The Board
Euracen frequently and formally receives the visit of political high level visitors from the eight Central American countries (see 'the region'). On occasion, in cooperation with the Embassy concerned, it will organize specific meetings to allow these visitors to interact and exchange ideas with economic and social Belgian and European authorities. Euracen actively facilitated the negotiations that led up to the signing of the EU-Central America Association Agreement. Finally, as in the past, Euracen looks forward to organizing or co-organizing specific trade missions to Central America member states.

Euracen especially to promote first region-to-region Association Agreement ever In summer 2013, the EU and Central America signed an Association Agreement, which was the first of its kind concluded between regions. It has since often been referred to as "one of the most successful examples of EU relations with any sub-region in the world" . The EU has now also established a region-to-region delegation in Managua, Nicaragua. There are good reasons to believe that the EU has a growing economic interest in the region depending on the speed with which Central America further installs a true customs union, a shared common market, harmonizes more economic standards and norms and improves its general business and investment climate.

Diplomatic Representations
Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
How to become a member of Euracen?
Registered Office: Avenue Louise 91-93, 1050 BrusselVZW - ASBL0443.572.684
Today, we are up to speed and have reached a stage whereby we can share our vision and mission with you all. Let me give you a short overview. Chamber of Commerce First, at the beginning of our mandate, we absolutely wanted to reflect on a number of key issues, especially in relation to the specific role EURACEN should play if it wanted to consider itself to be a real Chamber of Commerce, worthy that name. Which, in my humble opinion, is all about supporting and promoting in real time the relations between both the EU-institutions and the business and potential investors community in Belgium on one side, and the eight countries of Central America (Belize, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and El Salvador) on the other. Offer and Demand Within the framework of the Association Agreement, each of these countries has identified its own priorities, of course, and that is why it is up to us at EURACEN, to listen very carefully to what the Ambassadors and the members of their staff have to tell us about those priorities. That is also why, together with the members of the Board, we plan to draw up an inventory of each country’s “Offer and Demand”, for this information is of key importance, especially to potential investors and managers of SMEs over here. Unknown is unloved Market research shows that EURACEN is still too little known, not only among the general public, but especially among a large group of professionals to whom EURACEN should matter. EURACEN should encourage and motivate more industry leaders, SME managers and other potential investors in Belgium, and why not in Europe, to lift their activities to an international level. The least EURACEN can do is to inform them about business opportunities in one of the eight Central American countries. By the way, this is the kind of services all these countries are looking for. European funding On the other hand, for entrepreneurs and companies from the countries of Central America, EURACEN wants to be a bridge to Europe. We possibly have solutions to their problems or an appropriate answer to one of their questions. In addition, I would like EURACEN, to the extent possible, to assist Embassies in submitting projects for which European funding might be possible. EURACEN could, most probably, not only help with the identification of such projects, but also steer the paperwork that goes with it the right direction. This obviously requires the development of a strong network of contacts with the specialists at both the Belgian Foreign Trade and European Commission services. The Media Then, the media. For all good reasons, EURACEN needs the media and therefor should know the press. The question is whether the media know and need EURACEN? Only by setting up a constructive dialogue with journalists from national and international newspapers, weeklies and magazines as well as from radio and TV, we will manage to increase the visibility and the credibility of EURACEN in the media. It is also the shortest way to inform more and larger target audiences, not only about the existence of the Chamber, but also about its activities and initiatives. Website Finally, we decided to create a completely new website for we want to be able in future to quickly react, update and exchange information. Fast and interactive, with a new look and feel. Committees It is obvious that we will not get all of this done in one day. However, with the members of the Board, we agreed to entrust different tasks to special "Committees", also called “Working Groups”. The members of these different Committees are committed to achieve the objectives previously agreed to by the Board. Action Plan To address a number of key issues of key interest to potential investors and SME managers, we have scheduled thematic seminars in 2017, during which best placed experts will be invited to share their expertise with the audience. You will soon receive a detailed overview of the seminars we have planned. To become a member of EURACEN There are three paying options depending upon the type of membership you choose:
  • Private Membership
    Private members may attend all activities and events Some will be free of charge, others will require a contribution The membership is nominative and cannot be transferred Annual fee : € 100
  • Corporate Membership
    Membership is in the name of the Company, not nominative Anyone representing the company may attend all activities and events Some activities will be free of charge, others will require a contribution Annual fee : € 200
  • Golden Sponsorship
    Includes one membership free of charge Anyone representing the company may attend all activities and events free of charge The company name and logo will be featured on all official Euracen stationary and documents The company logo will be highlighted on the website and included as a moving banner with a link to the company’s website Annual fee : € 1500
Please confirm your membership by completing the form below and by transfering the annual fee to Euracen’s asbl-vzw bank account IBAN BE90 0682 1202 3132 with the mention “Membership 2017 + Name”.

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Corporate Relations :
Jennifer Moriconi
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Diplomatic & Commercial Relations :
Elektra Koetsenruijter
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President :
Erwin De Weerdt
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